The 3DCX Process

The 3DCX Process 2018-01-01T10:03:24+00:00

3D Customer Experience™ (3DCX) Process

3DCX™, An Holistic Approach

Our 3D Customer Experience™ (3DCX) process underlines every project we manage. We do this by recognizing our Clients desires in conjunction with their employees and ultimately their customers’ desires. The results uncover actionable insights via observations to create, develop and or fine-tune existing products and services that not only meet the minimum expectations of the customer but exceeds them.

Our 3D Customer Experience™ process is driven by customer research and tested throughout the creation of an overall Customer Experience Program.

Our 3DCX™ Process:


What is the desired outcome of the experience you currently offer, what your employees are asked to deliver and utmost, what do your customers desire? When completed the 3DCXProcess reveals your potential and opportunity…


What opportunities can be leveraged, developed and tested to engage your customers thus further increase retention and loyalty? It’s time to design your customers experience. When completed the 3DCX Process develops the actionable insights that make your organization exceptional…


What strategy will be needed to leverage your actionable insights and opportunities positioning you uniquely in the marketplace? It’s time to create a gameplan. When completed the 3DCX Process produces the roadmap for your Customer Experience Program.