A Pre-Journey Guide

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A Pre-Journey Guide To Everything ENACITY

Hello, welcome to ENACITY! 
We’ve put together a little something to help you get to know us a bit better before embarking on a customer-centric journey with us…

Who Are We?

ENACITY is a Customer Experience Design Firm.

We live and work by our vision & values based on our Guiding Principles.

We love our clients and believe in building real, genuine relationships through the steps of their customer experience journey. We’re ecstatic when we see them grow, evolve, and achieve more than they imagined.

We care deeply about the importance of the role we play in working with our Clients. Over 90% of our clients would recommend us—and they do, as more than 75% of our projects come from existing clients each year.


That’s why we are rigorous in how we measure impact for our clients. Ultimately, we want our clients to reach their goals and to be successful, however they define success.

Our Workshop Feedback Scores ensure that every workshop we facilitate is held to our highest level of quality and experience. We design workshop experiences that are engaging, experiential, and transformative. We ask our workshop participants to give us feedback on how we made them feel, what they learned, and how we can improve. We measure impact by the individual facilitator and have high internal standards for being an ‘ENACITY Certified Facilitator.’


Stimulate Potential


Our purpose is to co-design exceptional Customer Experiences for our Clients by revealing actionable insights.

What Do We Do?

We work with you to help differentiate your business or organization from your competitors by seeking guidance from within your organization from the customers you serve and those customers you have yet to serve.

If needed, we utilize a wide network of creative & collaborative colleagues who are industry experts in their field who possess impressive talents and skills to meet your specific needs.


Think of us as you would your Doctor

Just like how a doctor is an expert at understanding your health, diagnosing your symptoms and giving you prescriptions and medication. We know what makes companies work well. We analyze and identify the root cause to give you recommendations to get better.

Think of us as you would your Coach

Just like how an athletic coach knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team and guides players toward a common goal. We develop, challenge, and train your team to reach their best to achieve success collectively.

Think of us as you would your Stylist

Just like how a stylist transforms how you look by first understanding who you are. We help you design your brand by first understanding your vision and values.

Think of us as you would your Personal Chef

Just like how a chef is creative and intentional about the ingredients he or she uses. We craft each experience with intention and creativity making an impact on your organisation.

How Do We Do It?

Our 3D Customer Experience™ (3DCX) Process underlines every project we undertake. We do this by recognizing stakeholders, employees and the customers themselves as meaningful contributors to the overall Customer Experience our Clients deliver day in, day out. The results deliver powerful observations, and actionable insights to develop products, services that meet real customer, their specific needs and expectations.

Our 3D Customer Experience™(3DCX) Process is driven by customer research and tested throughout the creation of an overall Customer Experience Program.



What is the desired outcome of your existing customer experience based on your employees, customers and stakeholders desires? This is your potential, your opportunity, your future…


What opportunities can be leveraged, developed and tested to further engage your customers increasing retention and loyalty? It’s time to design your customers experience. This becomes the foundation of a remarkable experience…


What strategy will be needed to leverage your actionable insights and opportunities positioning you uniquely in the marketplace? It’s time to create your game plan. This will become your roadmap…

We co-create with you to design bespoke, sustainable, and meaningful solutions integrating business strategy, design and desires to have maximum impact.

Who Are Our Clients?

We work with small and medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses and organisations. We’ve served clients on 100+ projects from a wide range of industries across North America, Asia.

Some of our Clients are leaders in their industry and want to stay ahead of the competition. They know they’re the market leader but others are catching up and they need to stay ahead.

Some of our Clients feel they need to change as they are growing rapidly. They want to revise how they work to keep moving forward and growing.

Some of our Clients seem to have plateaued and don’t know why. They are doing what we’ve always done but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Some of our Clients have had a major disruption in their industry and they have had to change or else they might not make it.

Some of our Clients see themselves at a crossroads and know that if they don’t change, they are in trouble.


We are Passionate & Empathetic

We really care about you and work diligently alongside you with an internal passion and genuine desire for you to succeed both personally and professionally.

We are Creative, Entrepreneurial & Innovative

We design innovative solutions to push the boundaries of creating an exceptional Customer Experience for your customers.

We are Adaptive & Change Ready

We are a team of collaborative individuals adapting our services and solutions embracing change at all times.

We are Eclectic & Experienced

We leverage our wealth of experiences and perspectives from across private & public sectors to help our clients achieve their goals.

We are Diverse & Mobile

Industries We Service:

  • Consumer & Retail
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Accounting & Legal
  • Media & Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
We are Extremely Proud of our Relationships

Our clients have a great time working with us! They tell us that we’ve positively impacted their business and they recommend ENACITY for future projects

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve gotten to know us a bit more at ENACITY, we’d love to answer any specific questions you have about how we can work with you.

Drop us a note and let’s set up a time to chat. We look forward to our journey together!