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PASSIONATELY CREATIVE. “Wayne was described to me as the guy you bring in during the last quarter, half or period of the game and you need something to spark you & your team to win.” Matt White, Sussex Beard Oil Merchants Wayne Jagoe is the Founder & CEO of Enacity, a Data Visualization Company & Customer Experience Firm that generates implementable ideas that make a difference in people’s lives increasing customer experience scores and ROI for his Clients. Wayne brings passion and energy to any project. Wayne is the author of Eat This! “Observations of Successful Restaurateurs”, based on his experiences in the Hospitality Industry that translate to success in any industry. “This book perfectly distils the universal lessons of the hospitality business. Happy customers are a key part of any enterprise and Wayne Jagoe’s entertaining stories perfectly illustrate just how simple success can be”. Chef Michael Smith, Host of Chef at Home, Chef at Large, and the Inn Chef on the Food Network Canada. In 1997, Wayne founded DineAid.Com, the first online Dining Guide in Atlantic Canada, [Precursor to Yelp] which was later sold to Kostuch Publication in 2003. Wayne graduated from St. Andrews Community College, where he won the Judson Food Creativity Award, Student of The Year and served his Royal Highness Prince Andrew, Duke Of York at the Bicentennial of Fredericton. Wayne’s culinary background and personality led him to be featured on The Leading Edge television series, appear as Guest Chef on Maritimes Today and then later on CBC Television with his own cooking segment, Cooking 101. Wayne has also tried and failed with the development of a number of business concepts. Why share his failures so publicly with one of Canada’s Top Podcasts, The Boiling Points’, Episode #65, Facilitating Forward From Failure? As Richard Branson stated; “Every person, and especially every entrepreneur, should embrace failure with open arms. It is only through failure that we learn. Many of the world’s finest minds have learned this the hard way – here are some of Richard Branson's’ favourite quotes on the importance of failure, and the road to success.“

January 2018

Quantifying Customer Service Levels


Do you know how to quantify your Customer’s Satisfaction levels? This video by Bain & Company takes a unique look at how to measure success and what better company to showcase the use of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) then, ZAPPOS. The video provides so much more than a metric and how world class, well, is really world [...]

Perseverance When It Matters


This video conveys the power of perseverance in the face of great odds. Elon Musk deeply believes in what’s he’s doing and he’ll never give up, as he says’ “until I’m dead or completely incapacitated”. How about you?. Enjoy…

December 2017

The Hardest Karaoke Song In The World


What could possibly go wrong? Iceland challenges foreigners to sing along to The A-Ö of Iceland, a song featuring words and phrases from the notoriously difficult language. What are you doing differently to be as authentic as you can making sure you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Interesting the evolution of Innovation can come [...]

The 2018 Trends Marketing Executives Feel Least Prepared For


MarketingProf shares a great article about what Marketing Executives Are Least Prepared For. Marketing executives say artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, and voice search are the 2018 trends they feel most unprepared for, according to recent research from Conductor. The report was based on data from a survey of 500 marketing executives (29% work for B2B firms, 14% work for B2C [...]

Climeworks, Capturing CO2 From The Air


A new pilot project captures CO2 from the air Environmental company Climeworks has developed a technique for filtering carbon dioxide directly out of the air. Enjoy…

He Deserves It, But Do You?


He Deserves It, But Do You? He's a jerk, a two-timer, a double-crosser. He deserves everything you throw at him, your cutting remarks, your sarcasm... Enjoy...