December 2017

The Hardest Karaoke Song In The World


What could possibly go wrong? Iceland challenges foreigners to sing along to The A-Ö of Iceland, a song featuring words and phrases from the notoriously difficult language. What are you doing differently to be as authentic as you can making sure you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Interesting the evolution of Innovation can come [...]

The 2018 Trends Marketing Executives Feel Least Prepared For


MarketingProf shares a great article about what Marketing Executives Are Least Prepared For. Marketing executives say artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, and voice search are the 2018 trends they feel most unprepared for, according to recent research from Conductor. The report was based on data from a survey of 500 marketing executives (29% work for B2B firms, 14% work for B2C [...]