Our Guiding Principles

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Our Guiding Principles

We share with you our Guiding Principles. These guiding principles articulate our communal values as we work with our team, clients, partners and affiliates.

At times we will make mistakes and unfortunately drop the ball. It is within these failures, opportunities arise to better service our Clients implementing systems and methodologies to minimize similar errors from happening again.

We believe in these situations as our Clients should, it’s not a time to lose a customer, it’s time to strengthen the relationship.

Here are our Guiding Principles:

  1. Start with empathy, end with clarity.
  2. Gratitude is paramount during the hardest times.
  3. Positively surprise when they least expect it.
  4. We may not be perfect, but we are constantly perfecting.
  5. Great relationships take time and grow stronger when tested.
  6. Always do what needs to be done, whether seen or not.
  7. We strive to be a leader in Customer Experience Design.
  8. Pain plus reflection equals progress.

These shared principles set the standard for evaluating practices, conduct and establishing behaviours and values that guide our actions—while celebrating everyone’s individuality.

The ENACITY Guiding Principles are more than a set of letters and words. We want to make them real as they leap off the pages and screens they appear upon thus making us different, unique and ultimately indispensable to our Clients. This is our Reality.

Please join us on our journey of making it real by living our Guiding Principles every single day.